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Photograph Exchange

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Photograph Exchanges for Photographers
This community is for people (local & international) who want to get involved with photograph collaborations. Each person will recieve 7 photographs in the mail, all sizes and themes will be determined each time around (for example, nature, your favorite place, an animal, etc). Usually we will go with a theme but we also have free-for-all rounds. Names are drawn and people mail their picture to the persons they have. This means that every person will send out 7 pictures and will recieve 7 pictures. Each picture should have an answered questionaire in the mail, to be included with each set of prints.
Photograph Collaborations are awesome pieces of work to show. This is also an awesome way to get to know people and their works from aro the world. Connections like this are great in the Art world.


Joining Photography Exchange is easy…
First you join the community.
Once you join Photo_Exchange you will receive a welcome e-mail describing what to do next.
I will e-mail you with the basics once you have joined the community.
You will then need to send your Full name, mailing address and lj username back.
You need to be an active member of livejournal in order to join. (So something like 15 interests and an active journal.)
I will then of course approve your request to join.
Please watch this community and check your e-mail often so you know what’s going on.
I will, of course keep your address super safe! If you are concerned this may not be the community for you. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens. That being said, I have belonged to many communities and nothing has happened, so I wouldn’t worry.
Make sure you are okay with spending extra money on shipping if you join. Some of our members may be international and it will cost a little extra. This means that you, also need to send out your pictures earlier than the due date.
All mailing addresses should be kept confidential. Please keep them in a safe place.

By joining the community you agree to:
(Any breakage of the community agreements will result in a black mark. After 3 you will be black listed.)

Mail your pictures by the due date. There is a one week grace period, ONLY if you e-mail me.

Please post your sent and received pictures to the community so we can see what is going on! Also it could be awesome if you post what you do with your collaborative photos.

E-mail me at Danielle@starvingartstudent.com to tell me when you’ve sent your stuff.

Something gets lost in the mail once, that’s fine. More than once…we need to talk. I will give black marks if it is a common occurance.

If you can get the tracking option please do! it’s important that I can figure out where everything is. Also, Make sure to purchase a sturdy mail container to send your photo. An airmail cardboard envelope will be perfect. Keep your receipts as well.

Three Black Marks, any inappropriate pictures, continuous problems or bad behavior will result in you being removed from the community. We reserve the right to refuse requests to join or to disbar you for these and any other reasons.

If you change addresses – EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY!!!

This photograph exchange will occur once a month! I look forward to all the fun.

Danielle *Laughingcat*