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laughingcat in photo_exchange

And we're off...

I feel it's necessary to begin Shoot Three sign ups. We only had one theme suggested and it was SPRINGTIME!!!

So here are the rules...

This shoot is:  Springtime
...any kind of Springtime photograph, what does springtime mean to you?

We will be sending to EVERYONE!
So, this means that you will be sending out envelopes with photographs to everyone, if everyone signs up. (Please make sure you are okay with that if you sign up!!!) There was an tie in the number of photos weare going to send, so we are going to set a minimum again. So you need to send out a minimum of
2 pictures, more is okay but you need at least two photos.

 This round picture size is 4x6

Remember you all have the ability to post to this community. If you have any photo related questions, please ask!



Please feel free to post an intro about yourself if you have not yet.


Sounds good. Sign me up.
I have a suggestion.. for april.
Could maybe we do something different. Like a buy a camera take a all the pictures and then send it to your partner. Maybe the pictures could be about your life.

Lol I said april because I'll be 21 and that's huge to me. But yeah.. Just a thought. :]
like buying a disposable camera, and sending the camera and your partner develops it? Or you develop it then send it. I haven't messed around with a disposable in ages! I should check to see if the place where I get all of my photos done still does film. I don't see why not.
Yeah you take pictures and send it. And when you get your partners you get it developed.

That way you'd be paying the same amount as you normally would to develop your own pictures. :]

You might enjoy a project my friends are running. I know they are running a photography group.
I think the project is Twenty-Four.
Ah cool I'll def. check it out. :]
You're in. :)
you're in! :)
/joins :D
You're in! :)
I guess since it was my suggestion, I should sign up, right? lol Count me in!
you're in!

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