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Feb. 22nd, 2009


I have a few questions.. I hope it's ok to ask everyone..

> I would love to find out what cameras everyone likes to use.
> What brands you love and are turned off by.
> What is your "DREAM" camera?
> Do you have any advice on photography class'. The internet has been letting me down on that.

Feb. 19th, 2009


Apologies and explanations

I know I was the first pony out of the gate on the first round, but unfortunatly not this time. The last three weeks have been a constant uproar in my life, and I have not yet sent my photos. Both my son and I have been very sick the last little while, and I've been working nearly every day as well. Things have finally calmed down, and I should be able to get photos out sometime tomorrow or Saturday.

And I did receive photos from twonderland and katlovescookies. Thank you both very much for them!

I've been kicking myself while trying to get better that I have not been able to send yet. Sorry for the delay!

Feb. 18th, 2009


(no subject)


I have recieved photos from
Katlovescookies and twonderland! They are both original and wonderful! :) Good job you guys. I can't see what else we come up with. Next month will be fun. Any ideas as to a theme?

Feb. 11th, 2009



Those who have recieved your pictures last time,  what did you do with them?


3 More days!

Hoorah! I have officially sent out my pictures today, but after the postman came so they will be out tomorrow. I hope you guys like them.

Feb. 9th, 2009


Hey everyone!

I'm awaiting your e-mails that you've sent your pictures . YAY! This challange has been very fun! i can't wait to see what we do next.

Feb. 5th, 2009



YAY! Okay, so the addresses have been sent out. Let's get snappin' people!


Feb. 4th, 2009


HTTP 500 Server Error

So last night Livejournal was down for several hours. It was very frustrating, but it hasn't gone anywhere so...



-a minimum of two pictures, but more is okay.
-we are sending to everyone!
-picture size is your choice!

DUE DATE: February 14th - Valentines Day.
(If you get them out sooner it would be nice to have them on Valentines day, but sending them on valentines day seems like a good gesture too. So, you all have 10 days.

I will be sending out addresses this evening! :)

Feb. 3rd, 2009




This will be my intro post!
Hello everyone!
I am Sam from Los Angeles! I am 17 . I like photograph. I am not a pro but i like to do it for fun. I take picture of random stuff. Stuff that catches my eyes and make me say "Nice". I also take picture of my doll and toys. I like to collect re-ments and ubran vinyl. I love the color green.I also like manga, anime , and drama! I like to listen to Jrock and Chinese music. I like english music. I like powerpop, rock. Some bands would be like The Acdemedy IS.., Saosin, etc As for my major goal in life. I want to be in Fashion Marketing or Adverstiement at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I would like to travel the world too. I like to travel!

You can check out my photos at my flickr.

Robot Jones


hello my name is

hi kids. i'm hana. i'm 19 years old and go to college at emerson in boston, ma. i'm studying sound design but i have my hands in comedy writing, filmmaking, record promotions, sewing, jewelry-making, radio and (of course) photography. i also love taekwondo (i'm a black-belt and an instructor!). yeah, i'm one of those kids. my school is all about getting involved in EVERYTHING, so my list is not outlandish among the student body. there are definitely people who do more.

if you talk to me you will always get t.m.i. i love my body and what it does, also i think poop is hilarious. a brilliant recipe for grossouts. i guess if you're meant to know more about me you will. i'm not a private person, just lazy. you should add me to your friends list and we can read all about each others' lives. also, my photo blog is located at http://telephoto-eye.blogspot.com. it's like a running portfolio/gallery of my work. in fact, i bet you'll even recognize some of them from this exchange.

i can't wait to get this round's photos! i'm starting a(nother) collage on my wall. wooooooo.

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